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01/16/2024 - Legionnaire Eternal (Dark Operator book 6) by Doc Spears (audio)

02/13/2024 - Doomsday Recon by Jason Anspach & Ryan Williamson (e-book, print, audio) - NEW SERIES!

02/20/2024 - Mongol Moon by Mark Sibley (e-book, print, audio)

02/23/2024 - SGT. THOR the Damned (SGT. THOR book 3) by Jason Anspach & Nick Cole (e-book, print)

5/14/2024 - Galaxy's Edge Season 3, Book 1

Q1 2024:

A Dance of Devils (Mongol Moon book 2) by Mark Sibley (e-book, print, audio)

Q2 2024:

Cyclones of Chaos (LAND&SEA Season 2, Book 1) by Blaine L. Pardoe (e-book, print, audio)

High Value Target (Forgotten Ruin Book 8 ) by Jason Anspach & Nick Cole (audio)

Tides of Redemption (LAND&SEA Book 6) by Blaine L. Pardoe (audio)

Void Drifter by Jason Anspach & J.N. Chaney (NEW SERIES!)

Wayward Earth (Wayward Galaxy Book 7) by Jason Anspach & J.N. Chaney

Q3 2024:

Spheres of Influence by Peter Nealen (NEW SERIES!)