Black Alice E-book (Mongol Moon)

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Independence Day. There’s not a more iconically American day.

It’s a day attached to a date. July 4th. On this date every year, Americans celebrate with barbecue, beverages, and lots of fireworks. Americans look forward to this day. On this day, Americans are focused on their celebrations… not so much on their security. If there were ever a day, one single day throughout any given year, that America’s adversaries would want to use to damage America, this would be the day. America’s Day of Independence. They would want to transform that day from celebration to calamity.

Luckily, America has watch-standers who, regardless of the day, guard over us. They sit in operation centers around the country, tracking threats and aggregating intelligence. These men and women stand on that wall. Well, they sit in front of computer monitors, but you get the idea. Long shifts, coffee, smokes. Above all, they’re hungry.

So, they have catering brought in…

Wait, what?

Something wicked this way comes! Enjoy your Independence Day with this Mongol Moon short story… sort of.

Written by Mark Sibley

© 2024 Mark Sibley, (P) 2024 WarGate Books

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hilarious side story!

That was awesome 😂 Straight up fever dream, going from a somewhat realistic scenario to absolute breaking the fourth wall style hilarity! All of the inside jokes . . . A good rejoinder to Demp's short story! Now . . . where's the third book, Mark?

Mark Elliott

Five clown review for Black Alice! Scary and funny at the same time. Mark Sibley’s sense of humor and knowledge of real world scenarios, makes for an entertaining read about Black Alice!!